My Journey To Baduy

Below here is my story to baduy village Follow my story“my journey to baduy” I will post it everydayAbout baduy and everything that i know from my adventure to baduy #adventure #adventuretime #voyaged #baduy #indonesia #instastory #photography #river #nature #journey #wisatasukubaduy #myjourneytobaduy

The Gift Shop

On your 1st step the way to baduy you will meet the market, they selling lots of good stuff, BUT if you aiming for a cheaper price then you can buy it later on the village called gajebohYou can buy it $1 for 3 accessories ======================================== Langkah pertama menuju baduy dalem kalian akan menemukan pasar … More The Gift Shop

The Children

Then if you like children’s this is the place for you, because everywhere you go children laughter and playing always can be heared in every village ====================================== Kalau kalian suka anak-anak ini adalah tempat yang cocok untuk kalian, karena kemanapun kalian pergi di desa tersebut suara tawa dan canda mereka akan selalu terdengar #adventure #adventuretime … More The Children

The Porter

At the parking lot you will met a lot of porterThey will carry your bag BAREFOOT to the last village and return to parking lotAnd they walking so fast even they carry a lot of bag’sYou can hire them with just Rp. 50.000 or about $4 ======================================== Di tempat parkir anda akan bertemu dengan jasa … More The Porter

Rocky Track

Don’t forget to bring your best hiking shoesBecause the track is full of sharp stone, and don’t use any flat shoes the stone gonna hurt your footAlways keep your eye on the road, because there is a lot of dangerous cliffAnd if you’re tired don’t push yourself, there’s no shame telling you’re tired to your … More Rocky Track

The River

In summer the river tide is low and you can swim or play thereNormally the tide of the river is high (around the hip of a man) and use for transferring firewood from higher ground to village so the people no need to lift those heavy wood ======================================== Di musim panas arus sungai menjadi sangat … More The River

Handmade Kebaya

On your arrival at the first village you will be noticing lot of women in the village using a huge toolsIn indonesia we call it “tenun” like sew but not using any needleAnd they sell it around $9-30 bucks depending on the size ======================== Saat anda sampai di desa pertama and akan melihat banyak wanita … More Handmade Kebaya

Grocery Store

Out of water?No worries because at the village they sells lot of suppliesFood, drink, snack, etcBut they only speak local language so you need to do a sign language to communicate with themAnd here’s some footage of what is in the village =========================== Kehabisan air?Jangan khawatir di desanya banyak yang menjual jajananTapi mereka hanya bicara … More Grocery Store

Gajeboh Village

After you arrived at the last village named gajeboh you will see a beautiful bridge made from bamboo. For foreigner form other countries this is the last destinationBut for indonesian people you can continue walking around 13 kilometers to “baduy dalem” but prohibited to bring handphone, camera, or any technology.I don’t know why. ==================== Setelah … More Gajeboh Village